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Hold on to try

Brown leaves on the weary grass
Gray sky overshadow stars
When I look at this scenery I only think
Will I reach another ligh?
Will I still see other colours in the night?

I'll hold on to try

Stop to sing, stop this hoping
To become a white cloud dancing on
Blue leaves of tomorrow's sky
There will be a future where you'll stop to cry?
I don't konw anything more than we're in the night

But I'll hold on to try

Raise yourself to walk ahead
First make peace whit your head
With that voice that says you won't go there

Be yourself and go to dance
The long ballad of your life
Listen only when the music is playing

Bad dreams running on your face
Leave that smile before you come into this place
Sad stories running on your mind
You think "I'm not gonna be like them
I'm gonna live a better life, the best I can find"

Just hold on to try

And meanwhile the night go by
And whit her goes even life...